by Mernau

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The EP is a mix of instrumental tracks and collaborations.


released April 4, 2014

Luke Heaver



all rights reserved


Mernau UK

Composer/Producer based in Bristol please contact for bookings, work, colabs and purchasing beats.

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Track Name: Ebb ft. Luui
i'm the better trend setter setting veterans impediments
sheddy spit that helen keller ketamin fresher than the cess in my chest
theres desk and a pen, pest in his head infest in his head wet her dress you invest in the best
test that he's dead head full of dreads fully dress in in his bed check the question quest for the test get the guest and guess and again
so i choose some better friends
prove my relevance
booze on medicine
cruise on benefits
crews on penny tips
juicy tender tits
truth is irrelevant
in a room full of elephants
excuse the other elements
shows through evidence
lose only ten per cent
use for sentiment
who the menace then
use to be jealous
but now we're the better men

i'm aided in aching acres
these payments the pain is paper
these favours i'm favouring vegas
chasing in scrappy trainers
a waste in distasteful angels
i'm playful in gagging chambers
i pay till i'm fucking famous
i'm faded with naked neighbours
waiting anxious cancer patients
drastic changes glaze the faces
i'm stable in a place of hatred
we wait on the natives actions
david camerons range in active
aiming backwards we're aiming practice
snake to snack in, hide in a change of accents

oh blimey all mighty righty it might be me
the irony speaks quietly through the violence of the shyest teens
light minded my soul was is sold privately
but these meaningless fiends demons breathing is nice to see
snorting chalk sorting walking talking slaughtered shit
only thoughts of fortune but not the choirs to affording it
only naughts will haunt him he's tortured of course he is
it's 5 in the morning, i'm high and i'm horny recording corny porno flicks
little gritty bastard geezer red drips in the freezer, where he throws his exes
i'm alone i'm friendless, i've grown reflective got my own perspective
found home with fauve collective.